There are two steps needed to get started with the tower light: installing the USB serial driver, and plugging in the light.

USB Serial Driver Installation

Inside the tower light is a microcontroller connected over a CH43x USB-to-UART chip. To access the tower light over USB serial, you will need to install the CH43x driver. 

The driver is available for Mac and Windows. It is already built into Linux.

Download the driver below for your operating system and install it. If you would like more detail, check out the guide on installing this driver.

Plug in the Tower Light

Physical set up of the tower light is incredibly simple. The tower light is controlled over USB via a serial port, directly from your computer.

To get started, simply plug the USB cable attached to the tower light into a USB port on or attached to your computer.

That's it!

This guide was first published on Jul 06, 2022. It was last updated on Jun 15, 2024.

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