You may have noticed that the tower light base doesn't have clearance for the USB cable to come out of the side of it, causing it to sit on an angle if placed on your desk or other flat surface. There are many ways to resolve this problem (including cardboard!). As a bonus, a 3D printed bolt-on stand is included here as an option.

Thank you to Rose Hooper for designing this 3D printed stand!

The STL file can be downloaded by clicking the button below.

Suggested Hardware

  • M4 x 8mm nuts x 4
  • M4 bolts x 4

You can use any size fasteners that work for you. These are what were used in the assembled images below.

The top of the stand prints with a track for the USB cable to fit underneath the tower light base, and the tops of four holes through which to fit fasteners to attach it to the base of the light.

The bottom of the stand prints with four recessed holes to allow for fasteners to be attached without sticking out below the stand.

In this image, M4 x 8mm nuts were used, as they fit perfectly without sticking out the top of the M4 nuts. You can use any size that works for you.

Once assembled, the USB cable will sit in the stand track and no longer interfere with stability of the tower light!

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