Tap the power of Windows 10 on your Raspberry Pi!

Windows IoT Core is the awesome cross-platform development system from Microsoft, that gives you the Windows 10 programming environment on embedded devices.

In this series, we show you how to get started with Windows IoT Core.  We'll help you setup your development environment, and then show you how to write your first two Windows IoT Core applications for your Raspberry Pi.

You'll learn about Visual Studio, The C# programming language, remote step-wise debugging, Windows applications development, PowerShell, and more!

If you're new to Windows development, or even if you're an experienced developer, this is the place to start!

To get set up, all you need is a Windows 10 computer, a Raspberry Pi, and a local area network. For the application development sections, we'll be using an LED, so you'll need an LED and 180 ohm resistor to attach to your Pi.

Sure, Microsoft has resources and tutorials on the web for getting started with Windows 10 IoT, and we encourage you to refer to it. But, we thought it would be useful to document the process we went through to get up to speed with Windows IoT on the Raspberry Pi.

This guide was first published on Aug 03, 2016. It was last updated on Aug 03, 2016.

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