Connecting with Web Workflow

To use the Code Editor, you will need an internet browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. It's possible that it may work in other browsers as well, but these ones have been more thoroughly tested.

While there are several possible entry points for using the editor, the recommended way is to open up your browser and navigate to http://circuitpython.local/code/. Note that it is important that you go to http and not https and the trailing slash must be there as well. This should forward you to the first device that it finds and load the editor.

You can also get there by going to http://circuitpython.local/ and selecting the full code editor link on the Welcome screen.

Another way to get there is by navigating to and selecting WiFi on the dialog prompt that comes up.

This will display a page of instructions along with a link to http://circuitpython.local/code/. Any code you've written in the editor should be automatically transferred by clicking that link.

You may be prompted for a password at this point. Leave the username blank. For the password, type the value that you assigned to the CIRCUITPY_WEB_API_PASSWORD setting in you settings.toml file.

Once you have connected, a current Device Info box should appear which also shows other discovered devices on the network.

The Connect button in the upper Right-hand corner should also change to a Disconnect button.

Read Only Mode

In order to avoid file corruption, CircuitPython requires that there is only one way to write to the device. This means that in order to use Web Workflow to write to the device, the USB Mass Storage must first be disabled. Directions on disabling it are on the Device Setup page.

A notice that you are in Read Only mode will appear if your device's USB Mass Storage is still enabled.

Connecting to Other Devices

If you have multiple devices available on your network, navigating to circuitpython.local will use the first device that it finds. If you would like to connect to other devices, you can use the information box that appears when you connect.

Simply select a device you would like to connect to listed under More Connected Devices. If there is a device that you know is online, but is not appearing under this list and there hasn't been any recent network activity, the current device may just believe it is offline. You can reset the device and it should show up in the list.

To refresh your devices, you can just click the Refresh Device List icon that is above the devices.

If you would like to open the device information and discovery dialog, you can click the Info button while you are connected.

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