The easiest way to get started with the LPC810 is to use an existing project, where everything has already been setup for you in Eclipse. We'll use the code base available available here for this tutorial:
The first thing to do is download a .zip file containing all of the files in the project. You can do this by going to the github project page and clicking the 'ZIP' button shown below:
Once you have this .zip file available somewhere on your computer, open up the LPCXpresso IDE, and click the ''Import Project(s)" button in the bottom left-hand side:
This will bring up a dialogue box, and you need to click the 'Browse...' button under 'Project Archive (zip)', highlighted below:
Select your .zip file, and then click the Next > button, which will bring up the following dialogue:
Just click Finish, and your project will be imported into your workspace. You should see an entry in the project explorer on the left hand side named 'LPC810_CodeBase', shown below:
That's everything we need to know to start writing our own program with this chip!

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