Before we continue, we'll have to install the Windows driver for the RTL USB stick and then swap it for a 'low level access' driver. The default driver assumes you'll just be using the RTL-SDR for watching TV or radio but we want to be able to control it to do much more.

Plug in the stick, Windows should automatically install the REALTEK 2832U driver

Now from inside the SDR# directory, run Zadig which will do the driver swapping for us.

Here's a version 2.2 exe if you need it:

From the Options menu, select List All Devices
Then from the devices drop-down, find one that says Bulk-In, Interface (interface 0). If there's more then one, select one at a time, and verify below to get the right one.

Check that you get USB ID 0x0BDA (vid) and 0x2838 (pid) and the RTL2832UUSB driver

Make sure to the right of the green arrow you see WinUSB

Click Replace Driver

That's it!

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This page (Driver Fix) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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