Once your code is uploaded you are ready to start sensing! There are many muscles that you can monitor using this sensor - basically any that sit close to the skin. The sensor should always be placed along the length of the muscle, with the electrode closest to the wire connections placed at the middle of the muscle and the second electrode on the circuit board towards to end of the muscle. The third electode attached to the black wire should be placed away from the muscle that is being sensed.

For this example we'll be doing some sensing on the forearm which is a great way to tell when you've clenched your fist. Use the following steps to get your electrodes in place.

Add electrodes to all 3 connectors on the sensor. Remove the paper backing of the two electrodes on the circuit board.

Clean the skin with rubbing alcohol to remove dirt, oil, or lotion.

Put the circuit board in place. The side of the circuit board with the wires should be close to the center of the muscle and the other side should be close to the end of the muscle.

Peel the paper backing off of the electrode on the black wire and place it somewhere away from the muscle you are sensing.

Your sensor is in place and you're ready to get sensing!

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