Now that your sensor is ready you can go ahead and assemble your circuit. It should look something like this:

The connections that are being made are as follows:

  • MyoWare "+" to Feather 3V
  • MyoWare "-" to Feather GND
  • MyoWare "SIG" to Feather A0

Also included in this circuit is an Adafruit USB Isolator. It is connected to the computer using a USB mini cable and connected to the Feather using a USB micro cable.

It is extremely important to take safety precautions when using sensors that connect directly to your body. The USB Isolator provides protection against any unexpected surges or spikes. This is only necessary if you are wearing the sensor while your circuit is still plugged into your computer. It is not necessary if you are operating exclusively off of battery power. For a battery-operated wireless communication approach to using this sensor check out the 'Sup Brows project guide.

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