In order to connect the muscle sensor to a breadboard we will need to add some wires. Check out how to do this in the steps below.

The third electrode is connected to the circuit board with a black wire. While this connection is already fairly robust, you can reinforce it with glue if you think it will be put under repeated strain.

Strip the ends of the silicone-coated wires and tin the tips with a bit of solder.

Snip off the headers on one end of a strip of 3 jumper wires. 

Separate and strip the newly exposed ends of the jumper wires. Put a short piece of heat shrink tubing on each end of silicone coated wire. Bring exposed ends together.

Solder together exposed ends of silicone coated wires to jumper wires.

Cover with heat shrink tubing and use heat gun to secure in place.

Braid the strands of silicone coated wire and secure with a zip tie.

Use helping hands to secure the MyoWare sensor board and the exposed silicone coated wire ends.

Solder in place. Be sure to match red wire to "+", back to "-", and the remaining color to "SIG".

Your MyoWare Muscle Sensor is ready for business!

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