There are two Azure IoT options: IoT Hub and IoT Central. In this guide, you'll be using IoT Central, which is the simpler of the two options to get started with.

After logging into Microsoft Azure, in the Azure Portal homepage search for "IoT Central" and navigate to IoT Central Applications

Create a new application by clicking on Create.

On the Basics page, you'll enter details about your application. The Application URL is how you will access your application's homepage.

After creating the application, the deployment of the app will begin. Once it finishes, you'll see a message that deployment is complete. Then, click on Go To Resource.

This brings you to your application's overview page. Click on the link on the right-hand side of the screen to view your app.

The link brings you to your app's homepage. Here you can connect devices, create dashboards, view data and control all aspects of the app.

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