You can create Rules to alert you about certain data thresholds. These alerts can be emailed to you or setup with webhooks.

Navigate to the Rules page on the side menu bar.

Click on New to create a new rule.

First, you'll need to name the alert and toggle the Enable option to turn it on. Then you can select your device to receive alerts about.

You'll setup conditions for the rule. You can have the rule be triggered if all or some of the conditions are true. The Time aggregation option can limit the number of alerts you receive. For example, if you select 60 minutes then you will only be alerted once per hour if a condition is true.

Under Telemetry, you'll select the data feed to monitor, as well as an operator; such as less than, equal to, etc. Under Value, you'll enter the value to watch for.

You can enter multiple telemetry options depending on what you're monitoring for. For example, you could monitor humidity to make sure it never dips below or above certain amounts.

Under Actions, you'll select either an email or webhook alert.

The email will let you know which rule has been triggered with the timestamp.

The webhook option allows you to integrate your application with other Azure and Microsoft services, including Microsoft Flow (also referred to as Power Automate).

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