The full HalloWing guide is a great place to dive into details on your board. It will give you info on pinouts, powering the board, onboard sensors and more.

There, you'll also learn about setting up the HalloWing for use with Arduino IDE and CircuitPython.

Specialized Firmware

If you'd like to fire up the HalloWing in bootloader mode and drag on some fun, ready-to-go firmware .uf2 files, we've got you covered:

All of these projects can be customized and built from source as well if you'd like, there are details in each guide.

Find a Friend

Want to team up with one of your new found friends at Supercon and create a pair of synced eyeballs on two HalloWings? You can do it over I2C, as detailed in the Synchronized Eyes with Two HalloWings guide.

This guide was first published on Nov 01, 2018. It was last updated on Feb 19, 2024.

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