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To start, please download our version of the Arduino IDE that's been updated to include the Flora drivers, libraries & code examples! We have versions for Windows and Mac OS X.

For Mac, click the button below - then unzip. Move the application to your Applications folder.

If you're using Mac OS Mavericks you will need to update the setting to permit running Arduino IDE
  1. Go to your Security and Privacy Settings
  2. Click the Lock Icon and Login
  3. Change "Allow Apps Downloaded From": to "Mac App Store and identified developers"

Install Drivers! (Windows Only)

Mac users, you can skip to the next part of the tutorial - you don't need to install any drivers!

For Windows users, you'll need to install the drivers for the Flora. Begin by plugging in the Flora board. Look for a green power LED (left of the mini USB jack) and a pulsing red LED (right of the mini USB jack).

WinXP users, skip down past these few photos, you should get a popup asking you for a driver location, just browse to it as shown.

Windows 8

If you have Windows 8, you'll have to enable installation of unsigned drivers, check out this document from microsoft on how to do it In order to get the drivers working in Windows 8 (as Device Manager is NOT an option) is to Disable Driver Signature Enforcement.

First, right-click on the downloaded Adafruit Flora.inf that's in flora-x.x.x\drivers (you downloaded the IDE and expanded it, right?) and select Unblock and click Apply.

Open an Administrive Command Prompt (on Start Screen type cmd) and when Command Prompt shows, right click it and at the bottom left click "Run as Administrator".

Once opened, type: BCDEDIT /Set LoadOptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

Hit Enter and now Type: BCDEDIT /Set TESTSIGNING ON

Hit Enter, and Reboot PC. (thanks lance!)

Windows 7

You'll see this pop up in the bottom right corner:

Now go to the Start menu (bottom left corner, the round windows logo) and click on it and start typing in Device Manager
Click on the Device Manager (top icon in the menu) to launch it, scroll down until you see Adafruit Flora with a ! mark. Right click and select Update Driver Software

Locating the Driver File (Win 7 & XP)

OK if you have XP you'll basically start from here, click Browse my computer for driver software
Then browse to the uncompressed Flora IDE folder, and select the drivers folder (not any other folder!) and click OK.
Make sure the folder next to the Browse... button is correct, then click Next.

When you get this scary window next, click Install this driver software anyway.
That's it! Thankfully you only have to do this once.
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