It's easy to get assistance with your Adafruit purchases on the Adafruit Customer Support Forums!

Adafruit Industries offers support for customers in a variety of ways. In order to meet customers' needs efficiently and respond quickly, we have separated technical support from customer support.

100% of Adafruit technical support is provided by our dedicated team of engineers and staff in the public Adafruit customer forums. We monitor each Forum to answer your questions immediately, and our community of experts may also chime in to offer additional tips, tricks and how-tos.

Are you ready? Let's go!
Click here to visit the Adafruit customer support forums.

STEP 1: Create or Log In to your Adafruit Account

  • An Adafruit Account is required to post in the Forums.
  • It is easy to create one if you don't have one yet by clicking the "SIGN IN" link on the top right corner of the site.
  • Or click here for the direct link to the SIGN UP page.

STEP 2: Select Appropriate Forum

  • We have created Forums (Categories) and Subforums (Subcategories) for our major topics and products. Please take a moment to scan through the list to make sure you are posting your question in the best place.
  • One helpful tip: search for the question you'd like to ask in the search box next to "ADAFRUIT CUSTOMER SUPPORT FORUMS", to see which Forum or Subforum pops up the most frequently. (Adafruit staff and engineers will review your post wherever you place it.)
  • For best response time, please do not piggyback on an existing topic!

    Please create a new post in the forums instead of attaching it to a similar issue. This notifies our technical support engineers to respond to your specific tech issue.

    If you do see other threads with similar questions or issues, referring to them can help and is greatly appreciated!
Not sure which Forum fits your question, or have a general question?
No problem! Post your question in the GENERAL PROJECT HELP, and make your question as specific as you can.

STEP 3: Create a New Topic

  • In your message, tell us what product you need assistance with. (A link to the catalog page or Learn System guide is super helpful.)
  • If it is a problem with a kit, describe precisely the problem you are having -- specific the parts, stage of assembly, and/or how you tested the completed project.
  • Post clear photographs of the front and back of the parts/boards, as well as any connections that we can help you troubleshoot. Sometimes a photo is worth 1000 words and will help our experienced engineers spot any issues instantly!
Check out the next page of the guide for further suggestions for posting your question:
"Tips to Help You Place your Support Post"
Our technical support engineers will read your post and get back to you shortly. Our tech support team works with customers to get their products up and running. They also authorize replacements and refunds if needed.

Here are some tips to help you place your support post!

TIP 1: Specify Exact Parts

  • Tell us what product or project you are asking about and when you purchased it.
  • A link to the product page or Learn System guide from the Adafruit website is helpful!

TIP 2: Post Clear Photos

  • Please post in-focus, detailed pictures of the front and back of the parts/boards, as well as any connections to the board so that we can help troubleshoot.
  • You can add the photos by using the File Attachment tools on the bottom left corner of the page.
  • If your photos are too big, resize them to about 800px x 600px.

TIP 3: Use the [code] Tag When Posting Code or Error Messages

  • For software issues, please post the complete text of your IDE's error message. Please use the [code] tag when posting error message as well as code.
  • If you are having trouble with a code sketch, please post or link to your entire source code.
  • Again, please use the [code] tag when posting code, error messages, or anything else where the format of plaintext is essential to communicating your question.

TIP 4: For Learn System Projects, Make Sure to Specify Exact Page and Step Where You Need Help!

  • If you are building a project from the Adafruit Learning System, please post a link to the page you're having difficulty with, as well as listing the specific Step on the page that has you stumped.
  • From time to time, components and projects need to evolve and adjust to suit new software and available parts.
  • Knowing precisely where you could use more help allows us to improve the Guide to help everyone in the community!
Do you have an Arduino-related question?
If you have Arduino questions please take a moment to review our guide on how to get the best answers to your questions!

Do you have a basic Beaglebone Black / Raspberry Pi / Linux OS installation/maintenance/setup question?
Adafruit offers a broad range of accessories for Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black single board computers (among others). Our engineers help you with any questions you have about Adafruit products, but do not provide general Linux OS installation/use support.

For help with setting up and using Linux OS options on your Pi and BeagleBone Black, please visit the forums for those specific platforms here:

This guide was first published on Jul 21, 2014. It was last updated on Jul 21, 2014.