We are now going to build the project. You will need an Arduino board (I used an Uno here), a FONA 808 breakout board, and a breadboard & jumper wires.

For the FONA board, you will need a set of additional components: a GSM antenna, and also a GPS antenna. You will also need a working GPRS SIM card, with some data credit on it, that needs to be placed inside the FONA 808 breakout board. You will also need a 3.7V LiPo battery to power the breakout board.

For the 'alarm' part, you will need a simple red LED, a 330 Ohm resistor, and a piezo buzzer.

Let's now assemble the project. If you're using the FONA 808 shield, just plug it in. For the breakout, a little wiring is required. First, connect the power supply to the breadboard:

  • Connect the 5V pin from the Arduino board to the red power line on the breadboard
  • The GND pin to the blue power line.

Then, place the FONA 808 breakout on the breadboard.

  • Connect the VIO pin to the red power line
  • The GND & Key pins to the blue power line.

After that,

  • Connect the FONA RST pin to Arduino pin 4,
  • FONA TX to Arduino pin 3
  • RX to Arduino pin 2

Also connect the 3.7V LiPo battery, the GPS antenna, and the GSM antenna to the FONA 808 shield or breakout.

Also place the LED on the breadboard, in series with the 330-1K Ohm resistor. Connect it to pin number 6 of the Arduino board, and connect the other end to the ground.

Finally, place the buzzer on the breadboard, and connect it to pin 9 of the Arduino board. Connect the other pin of the buzzer to the ground.

This is how the completely assembled project looks like:

You will also need the latest version of the Arduino IDE for this project, along with the following libraries:

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