Light up your drums with sound! This guide will help you upgrade your drums to have sound reactive LEDs. This build uses a mic amp sensor and Gemma to light up NeoPixels to the beat of your drums. The cost of this build is considerably lower than other kits. Its also compact, rechargable and mobile!

We made a circuit for a snare, mid-tom, hi-tom and a drum kick. Each drum is independent from one another but can also trigger other pieces if struck loud enough. Our project cost one third of the price of other led drum kits on the market! There are other tutorials out there that use a Piezo element and several components (capacitors, resistors, timers, etc) but our tutorial is a lot easier to achieve with Adafruit's low-cost and powerful micro-controllers, sensors and LEDs.

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This guide was first published on Dec 04, 2013. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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