Case for GEMMA

We'll need two M2.5 or M3 (6mm long) machine screws to secure the GEMMA M0 to the 3D printed enclosure. You can use the nylon screw set from the shop or source your own. The nylon plastic screws are less likely to short anything out.

Install GEMMA M0

Place the GEMMA M0 and battery into the 3D printed case with the battery fitting in between the two standoffs. The microUSB port on the GEMMA M0 should be facing the cutout in the case. You'll have to adjust the PCB so the holes on the GEMMA M0 line up with the two standoffs. The case has slits on each side to accommodate for the wiring.

Secure GEMMA M0

Insert and fasten the two machine screws through the top of the GEMMA M0. Make sure the battery is not being punctured by the screw threads. You may want to hold the GEMMA M0 down and keep it steady while fastening.

GEMMA Cover Switch

Thoroughly inspect the GEMMA M0 and make sure it's installed correctly, with the PCB being flush with the standoffs. MicroUSB facing the cutout. Wiring neatly placed through the slits on the side. With the GEMMA M0 now installed to the case, we can get the switch extension and cover.

Install Switch Extension

This little switch extension piece fits on top of the switch actuator and basically allows access to it. It has a little hole on the bottom that fits over the on-board switch. 

Install GEMMA Cover

With the switch extension installed, place the cover over the case and orient them so the holes line up with the cutouts. Firmly press down on the cover to snap it into the case. The JST is exposed to make this as slim as possible. 

Mount for NeoPixel Jewel

Next up, we can work on securing the NeoPixel Jewel to the mounting plate. We'll need two more screws with accompanying hex nuts.

Installing NeoPixel Jewel

Slide the wires from the NeoPixel Jewel through the slit in the mounting plate. Make sure to follow the photo for installing this on the correct side. The wires placed through the center hole in the mounting plate. 

NeoPixel Jewel Mounting Holes

Flip the mounting plate over and rotate until the mounting holes on the NeoPixel Jewel line up with the two holes in the plate. We'll secure the NeoPixel Jewel to the mounting plate with machine screws.

Mount Jewel

Insert and fasten the machine screws from the top of the NeoPixel Jewel while firmly holding the mounting plate flush with the PCB. 

Secure Jewel

To keep the screws in place, we can use hex nuts to secure them in place. Flip the mounting plate back over and twist the nuts onto the screw threads.

Pendant Bezel

An additional bezel piece fits over the mounting plate and allows the pendant to fit on top. These two parts have mounting holes, so they're also secured together with machine screws.

Bezel Mounting Holes

Join the mounting plate and bezel together and rotate until the mounting holes are lined up. Follow the photos for the right placement / orientation.

Mount Bezel

While holding the two parts together, insert and fasten machine screws through the back of the mounting plate, going into the bezel. Fasten the screws until the screw heads are flush with the mounting plate.

Secured Bezel

Inspect the screws and double check to see if everything is tightly fastened. The assembly should resemble the photos, so make sure to reference them.

Jewel Wires

The back of the mounting plate has little notches cut on the sides. This is to allows the wires to fit over them. 

Jewel Pendant Cover

This cover fits over the back of the mounting plate to hide the screws and wiring. It's not 100% necessary but it does keep the screws and wiring from getting caught on pieces of clothing. The cover has a lip with little notches that line up with the ones in the mounting plate. Place the cover over the mounting plate, rotate to line up the notches and firmly press down to snap the cover on.

Install Jewel Cover

The wires are placed through the little notches here. The back of the cover is pretty flat so it can attached to a number of different surfaces.

Install Sheikah Diffuser

Now we can install the Sheikah "stone" over the bezel to finish off the pendant. Make sure to orient the symbol so it's positioned upright with the necklace. 

Secure Pedant

The Sheikah stone press fits into the bezel. You'll need to firmly press the two parts to connect them together.

Install Pendant Ring

The Sheikah stone has some extra thickness to accommodate for the outer ring. This piece also snap fits into place and secured with friction. The outer ring can be oriented however you like. If you find the snap fit pieces are a bit loose, you can permanently fix them in place with adhesives. 

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