3D Printed Parts

The largest part is this assembly is about ~50mm in diameter. These are fairly small parts so they should be able to fit on even the smallest of 3D printers. The parts are simple and doesn't require any support material. I suggest using standard PLA filament for these parts, as thats the most common and forgiving material. 

Parts Assembly

The parts are designed to either snap fit together or secured with machine screws. The pendant is composed of five layers that house the NeoPixel Jewel and feature the sheikah symbol and patterns.  The cylindrical enclosure houses the battery and GEMMA M0.

3D Printing 2-Colors

The main pedant (Sheikah symbol) and outer bezel are 3D printed in two different colors. A 3D printer with a dual extrusion toolhead isn't required to achieve these parts. Instead, we can 3D print two colors by using a special pause option in our slicing software. Basically, we print the part in one color, pause the print at a specific layer, then change the filament, and resume printing. This "stacking" method is quite easy to achieve using slicing software like CURA and Simplify3D.

CURA 2.X Post Processing Plugin

The CURA slicing software is most commonly used, and it's free. To achieve 2-color 3D printing, you'll have to enable a (built-in) plugin. Under the top menu, goto Extensions > Post Processing > Modify GCODE > Add Script > Pause at Height. Follow the notes below for getting the various layer heights for the specific colored features.

Simplify 3D Layer Mods

In simplify 3D, there's a different approach. Instead of pausing in the middle of a print job, we separate the slice into two different GCODE files. In the Process Settings, under the Advanced tab is the Layer Modifications section. Here, we can set when to start and stop the print job. Follow the notes before for getting the various layer height for the specific colored features.

The Bezel Ring

  • 0-1mm for the base using black colored filament
  • 1-2mm for the curvy features using gray colored filament

The Sheikah Pendant

  • 0-3mm for the base using translucent or white filament
  • 3-4mm for the sheikah symbol using black filament

3D Printed Beads

The bare wires felt a bit underdressed so I made some simple beads to cover them up. Using different shapes and colored filaments, I formed a pattern that complements the pendant. You could easily buy some beads from a local craft store or even make your own with seeds (popcorn necklace anyone?) or any material, really – They don't need to be 3D printed! 

3D Files and Modifications

The parts were designed in Autodesk Fusion 360. If you're interested in modifying the parts, you can download the source file. If you're using different 3D modeling software, you can save it out as a STEP, IGS, OBJ and other file formats. The STLs can be downloaded "as is" from the repo sites listed below.

Parts for GEMMA M0

  • gemma-actuator.stl
  • gemma-case.stl
  • gemma-cover.stl

Parts for NeoPixel Jewel

  • jewel-bezel.stl
  • jewel-cover.stl
  • jewel-mount.stl

Parts for Sheikah Pendant

  • ring-base.stl
  • ring-traces.stl
  • ring-merged.stl
  • sheikah-stone.stl
  • sheikah-stone-a.stl
  • sheikah-stone-b.stl

Case for GEMMA M0

If you're looking to use the enclosure to house your GEMMA M0, you can download just the case parts. The case is a sub-assembly and available as a stand-alone download.

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