Battery Cable

The battery cable is of decent length for most projects. Unfortunately, we need to cram things into very tight spaces. The stock cable is just too long to fit into the 3D printed case. So we'll desolder the cable from the battery, trim the wire short and rewire it back to the battery. 

Case for GEMMA

We'll need two M2.5 (6mm long) machine screws to secure the GEMMA M0 to the 3D printed enclosure. You can use the nylon screw set from the shop or source your own. The nylon plastic screws are less likely to short anything out.

Install GEMMA M0

Place the GEMMA M0 and battery into the 3D printed case with the battery fitting in between the two standoffs. The microUSB port on the GEMMA M0 should be facing the cutout in the case. You'll have to adjust the PCB so the holes on the GEMMA M0 line up with the two standoffs. The case has slits on each side to accommodate for the wiring.

Secure GEMMA M0

Insert and fasten the two machine screws through the top of the GEMMA M0. Make sure the battery is not being punctured by the screw threads. You may want to hold the GEMMA M0 down and keep it steady while fastening.

GEMMA Cover Switch

Thoroughly inspect the GEMMA M0 and make sure it's installed correctly, with the PCB being flush with the standoffs. MicroUSB facing the cutout. Wiring neatly placed through the slits on the side. With the GEMMA M0 now installed to the case, we can get the switch extension and cover.

Install Switch Extension

This little switch extension piece fits on top of the switch actuator and basically allows access to it. It has a little hole on the bottom that fits over the on-board switch. 

Install GEMMA Cover

With the switch extension installed, place the cover over the case and orient them so the holes line up with the cutouts. Firmly press down on the cover to snap it into the case. The JST is exposed to make this as slim as possible. 

Using The Case

Depending on your project, you may need to make additional tweaks. The bottom of the case is flat so it can be attached to different surfaces using double sided tape, velcro or any number of adhesives. 

How Big Is It?

The enclosure with the cover come out to: ~36mm x 36mm x 12mm

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