Build your own flashy footwear! This project is a major upgrade to our popular Firewalker Sneakers tutorial, but this time using GEMMA and a vibration sensor to trigger animations on the LED strip encircling the soles of your new favorite sneakers.

GEMMA didn't exist yet when we first made the Firewalkers!

Before you begin, you should read up on the following prerequisite guides:

For this project you will need:

This guide was written for the Gemma v2 board, but can be done with either the Gemma v2 or M0 Gemma. We recommend the Gemma M0 as it is easier to use and is more compatible with modern computers!

Video for gifs by Mike Farino

This guide was first published on Dec 02, 2015. It was last updated on Jul 15, 2024.

This page (Overview) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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