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Here are some people's finished projects...if you made something using the instructions/information on this page, post it to the forums & I'll put up your pix.

Mega Joy Boy

No, no, not that new bar down in the Castro...its All4Sky's portable nintendo. He used the same sorts of components in the GameGrrl but put it in a cool black GameBoy case. Wish I had thought of it!

All4Sky Sez: "Essentially I crammed a Hip-Gear screen (xbox grey ribbon cable version) and NOAC 76000 in one Mega Joy into an old Gameboy case I had laying around. I used the original Gameboy battery holder, power switch, buttons, and headphone jack. Here are some pictures of the installation:

In this picture you can see the original gameboy control board w/ screen. I cut off the bottom part:
Here are the pictures of everything being wired up:
A picture of the control board I installed where a cartridge would usually slide in, I plan on cutting up an old gameboy cartridge and using it as a cover:
A picture of the finished product with the infamous 76000 game listing!:
Close-up shot of the screen playing Contra, the video adjust board really helps tweak the picture on the Hip-Gear screen:
There is actually a lot of room inside the gameboy once you gut everything out. My favorite part about this project was being able to still use the original gameboy pad and buttons, I feel like I'm playing with a gameboy except there is a nice color screen and 76000 games! Seriously though, I really enjoyed making this portable, it took me about 2.5 days at about 4hrs per day. The trickiest part was probably getting the original gameboy controls to work with the glop-top controller chip in the NOAC. If you get familiar with the way the NES controllers work it won't be so hard... As for those pesky (ed: triwing) screws, I just used a flat head jewler's screwdriver and they came off quite easily.."

Game Gear portable


All4Sky goes nuts!

Woah! He's unstoppable

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