We got one of the new 2012 Furbies, and really wanted to see what was inside! We took it apart as much as possible while still keeping it (semi) functional. We removed the fur while Furby was still on, mostly for dramatic effect in the video above. Before proceeding further, remove Furby's batteries.
Remove the screws from Furby's face.
Peel off the capacitive touch sensors. There's one along the back and one on the top of Furby's head.
Remove the screws from the back panel.
You will need to cut the "fur brackets" at the ears to allow the back panel to release from Furby's body.
Both sides need to be free before the back panel will release.
Cut the tabs holding on the face "fur bracket."
After cutting the tabs, the fur bracket on the face will come off.
The belly sensor is attached with a tiny plug. Unplug it.
The speaker (brown wires) can be unplugged from its circuit board.
The microphone (inside the pink circle) can be removed from its nesting spot in the front of Furby's body.
We couldn't figure out a way to get Furby's inner face plate off cleanly, so we made one cut with shears, after which it released easily.
Remove the piezo sensor (orange wires) from this inner faceplate.
This is as far as we took Furby apart! Here's a video of how functional it still is, although we managed to bust part of one of Furby's LCD eyes.

This guide was first published on Nov 14, 2012. It was last updated on Nov 14, 2012.