Depending on your parking space or garage, your options will vary for mounting the FunHouse, ultrasonic distance sensor, and NeoPixel strip.

In the example shown here, there is a post that provides a convenient mounting point, and isn't something we want to hit with the bumper!

It's good to start with a temporary mounting method, such as the gaffer's tape seen here. This allows you to test out the mounting positions to make sure you get a good distance read and that the NeoPixel strip is visible to the driver.

After testing and getting the sensor height to match your vehicle's bumper, you may want to use something a little more permanent, such as double stick, high-strength tape.

Now, you can pull in as close as you need with ease by listening to the beeps and watching the NeoPixels change from green to yellow to red!

This demonstration was door at an outside parking space -- this project works most easily inside a garage -- if you need to set it up in the outdoors, you'll want to use a water resistant enclosure, such as this one, to protect from the elements.

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