Wires fro Noctua Fan

Cut the cable from the fan short and use a piece of 4-wire ribbon cable to connect to the 3-pin JST cable.

  • noctua fan cable - 50mm
  • noctua fan 4-wire ribbon - 106mm
  • noctua fan 3-wire jst - 38mm

Connect 4-Wire Cable

Solder the 4-wire cable to the wires on the Noctua fan.

Solder JST Cable

Connect the JST cable to the black and yellow wires on the fan. The ground wire connects to the black wire. The red wire, voltage, connects to the yellow wire on the fan.

Connect EMC2101 to Fan

The remaining wires connect to the Tach and Fan pins on the EMC2101 fan controller.

Connect Wires to EMC2101

Solder the fourth wire from the fan to the FAN pin. Connect the third wire from the fan to the TACH pin on the EMC2101 board.

Wired EMC2101 and Noctua Fan

Double check the connects are solid.

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