If you want to use the Adafruit CLUE for this project instead of the Gizmo, no problem! You can download software that is designed to work with the CLUE, making this project even easier to do.

The CLUE board is a tidy package that includes a development board and a screen, along with a whole host of sensors. You won't have to do much to get your .gifs displaying.

Check out the CLUE guide here for detailed descriptions of all this board can do.

The CLUE comes installed with CircuitPython already loaded. We'll update the CURRENT.UF2 file and add our animated .gif images. Download both below, and unzip the .gif files. You should see three .gifs: cold.gif, neutral.gif, and hot.gif.

Plug the CLUE into your computer via the USB port with a known good USB data cable. Double click the "reset" button and the lights on the face of the CLUE will turn green, and you'll see a drive appear on your computer called CLUEBOOT. Drag the CURRENT.UF2 file onto this drive.

The LED will flash. Then, the CLUEBOOT drive will disappear and a new disk drive called CIRCUITPY will appear. Drag the three .gif images to the root of this drive.

That's it!


If you're having trouble, check to be sure you're using a good USB cable that passes data. Some USB cables are charge-only, and won't allow you to load code.

If that's not it, head over to the CLUE guide for some more troubleshooting ideas. 

This guide was first published on Mar 02, 2020. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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