There are so-many awesome choices to drive your cube... Arduino UNO, Micro, Trinket, and Gemma to name a few.
The smaller microcontrollers will fit in either base, whereas the UNO will only fit in the larger of the two.

Let's give Trinket a try!

Grab a barrel socket and your on/off switch.
Solder short leads to the barrel connector.
Solder one short ground connector to the on/off switch. The other lead on the switch will combine the ground from the NeoPixels and barrel connector.

We will solder those after these two components are installed in the base.
A bit of shrink-tube makes things look nice and can help prevent shorting.
Install the barrel connector and on/off switch... a little hot glue on both will make things permanent.
After installing the two components you can finish soldering power and ground through the on/off switch.

The end-product would look something like this... I made the mistake of cutting some of my wires a little short.

I decided to combine the ground connections on the on/off switch and power on the barrel connector.
  • bare wire = pin #0 (NeoPixel signal in)
  • yellow = power (BAT pin)
  • black = ground
If everything checks-out, glue the base cover in place and lets pump some electrons through this thing!

This guide was first published on May 19, 2014. It was last updated on May 19, 2014.

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