Running the Virtual JTAG interface server

Open the command script tcl/run.cmd in a text editor and ensure that the path to the quartus_stp executable is correct. Then, double click the script to launch the Virtual JTAG interface server (tcl/vjtag_server.tcl). This binds to a TCP port to allow programs and scripts to write data to the FPGA through Altera's Tcl API.

This allows you to send video to the FPGA from any device that can communicate over the network! For example, a remote Arduino with a Wi-Fi shield, or an Android cellphone.

The included Processing demos and code

Two demos written in the Processing programming language (a dialect of Java) are available in the processing folder. You can run either demo by copying its directory to your local sketchbook folder (usually ~/Processing). The first demo, Chaser is a basic test animation. The second demo, Magnify sends a real-time screen capture to the panels through the FPGA.

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