I've got three connectors soldered to my Circuit Playground:

  1. A 2-pin male connector with white wire soldered to A1. This will connect to the data IN pin of the first bottle. The black wire is not used.
  2. A 4-pin female connector soldered to A4, A5, A6 and A7. These 4 wires will connect to the 4 metal "season" buttons, for changing modes.
  3. A 2-pin female connector soldered to A2 and A3. A2 will connect to the moon-shaped button and will turn the bottles dark. The A3 connector is not currently used in my project but could be hooked up to another mode button if desired. (Maybe a secret mode hooked up to a knot hole or mushroom!)

To power the Circuit Playground, we'll use the onboard JST connector. Create an adapter using a female JST battery connector soldered to a male 2-pin JST connector, for easy interfacing to the power system we'll build later on. Here's the whole thing in all its glory.

Lastly, I stuck some sticky-back velcro on the back of my Circuit Playground for mounting inside the tree.

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