In this project, you'll learn how to build a passive mixer with four inputs and one main output to bring all of your audio devices together in perfect harmony. A passive mixer is an audio mixer that doesn't require any power because it doesn't have an amplifier. It's a circuit of audio jacks with potentiometers that are wired up to let the audio input signals flow to an audio output.

This build uses stereo potentiometers and stereo TRS audio jacks to accommodate both mono and stereo devices.

The potentiometers and audio jacks are panel mounted in a 3D printed case.


Panel Mount 10K Dual Log Potentiometer
This Panel Mount 10K Dual Log Potentiometer is a dual-ganged potentiometer that will satisfy all your stereo-signal needs. Instead of just one potentiometer, you...
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Panel Mount 1/8 inch / 3.5mm TRS Audio Jack Connector
What is this TRS bit? Turtle Rock Studios? Transmission Raman...
In Stock
Potentiometer Knob of Soft Touch rubber with white indicator line
Oh say can you seeBy the knob's early light...Sorry - we thought that...
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Top view of Adafruit Perma-Proto Half-sized Breadboard PCB.
Customers have asked us to carry basic perf-board, but we never liked the look of most basic perf: it's always crummy quality, with pads that flake off and no labeling. Then we...
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Small spool of black wire
Perfect for bread-boarding, free wiring, etc. This spool of solid-core wire is easy to solder to. When bent it keeps its shape pretty well. We like to have a few spools of this stuff...
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Silicone Cover Stranded-Core Wire - 30AWG in Various Colors laid out beside each other.
Silicone-sheathing wire is super-flexible and soft, and its also strong! Able to handle up to 200°C and up to 600V, it will do when PVC covered wire wimps out. We like this wire...
Out of Stock
Close up of audio plug
Here is a gorgeous metal-covered audio cable straight from Blade Runner/cyberpunk heaven. And we have them in a couple different colors! They're a step up from plain rubber/ABS...
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