With many components integrated on the boards, you can program them to achieve various functionalities. Whether you are wearing a pair as a parent with your child, or wear them between siblings, friends or lovers, you can add programs through the serial port to the brooches for all kinds of fun interactions with your loved ones.

The video demonstrates the factory setting, which sync the two boards when they are near each other and detect the distance between them. If it goes beyond 2m, the central board vibrates with the LEDs blinking in warning mode. This can be used for parents to keep their children by their side.

You may also get inspired by the ideas in this Hackster.io project. A group of awesome makers got together to hack on the Flowers Bluetooth brooches during the holidays and proposed many use cases of the flowers, including detecting fall by elderly people, hide-and-seek, non-verbal communication, and even using them as counters to count number of spoons and practice mindful breathing!

See more ideas in cartoons captured by Tanya Fish in the Hackster.io project.

Here is a recording of the holiday hack. What will you use these flowers for?

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