A pair of brooches that are not only decorative, but also interactive and educational! These flower-shaped PCBs are wearable brooches that each functions like an Arduino UNO with integrated components all on the same board and connects to each other through Bluetooth.

Jointly created by Art by Physicist (Dr. Kitty Yeung) and DFRobot, they contain an integrated power management system, RGB LED lights, an accelerometer, a touch sensor, and a vibrating motor. The brooches support Arduino and Scratch programming and can be used as the core intelligent control unit for wearable products, interactive art installations, and new accessories. The brooches come in matched pairs.


  • Microcontroller: ATmega328
  • BLE chip type: TI CC2540
  • Supports Bluetooth HID
  • Debug Bluetooth module through AT command
  • Serial port communication
  • USB BLE firmware update
  • Power supply interface: USB / 3.7V lithium battery, JST connector
  • External power supply range: 7-12V
  • Bootloader: Arduino UNO
  • Size: 70mm x 70mm
  • Weight: 30g
Video of two brooch PCBs glowing rainbow colors.
Kitty's Flowers is a pair of beautifully designed Bluetooth-wearable brooches, which can be programmed to interact with one another. The brooches are perfect for...
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