You'll be a rainbow in any storm with the FLORAbrella. With its NeoPixel LED strips and color sensor, you'll be able to match your clothing, or display rainbow and rain patterns. Get ready to have an entourage at the next parade!

For this project, you'll need to create the circuit, mount it in the dome of the umbrella, and then finish it off by creating clear vinyl hammocks for the battery and electronics.

New for 2019

This guide shows you how to make the project in two versions, original and 'easier'

The original uses the FLORA controller and color sensor, programmed in Arduino which takes some time to assemble and code.

The recommended, newer, easier version uses the Circuit Playground Express.  It already has an onboard color sensor and embedded buttons, so you can get the same effects with a bit less work!  Check the pages under Circuit Playground for instructions on using the Circuit Playground Express. Coding is easier also as you use MakeCode so you drag and drop the code to load, no software on your computer is required.

This is an intermediate-level project that requires some precise soldering on the LED strips, so just stay away from caffeine and keep your cat away. Also, make sure you read and practice the following guides:

Okay, let's get the supplies!

This guide was first published on Apr 23, 2014. It was last updated on Jan 21, 2019.

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