Use a colorful pushbutton to activate your TV-B-Gone! This yellow switch makes a nice center in a flower motif brooch. Use pliers to flatten the legs of the button.
The base of the button should sit flat as shown.
Next we'll connect some wire leads to the pushbutton. Use wire strippers to remove the insulation from the end of some hookup wire. Apply a small amount of solder to this wire end-- this is called "tinning" the wire.
Also tin one of the legs on the pushbutton.
Since both the wire and pushbutton leg now already have solder on them, you can hold them together and reheat the solder. Apply the soldering iron until solder flows between the two, then remove the iron and allow the joint to cool.
Affix another wire (using the method above) to a diagonally opposite leg on the pushbutton.
Clip off the unused legs from the pushbutton.
Congrats, your pushbutton is prepped! Now it's time to attach it to the Flora.
Place the button in the center of the back of the Flora, with the wire leads pointing straight out. Trim the wire leads so that they only stick out past the edge of the Flora board by about 1/4 inch.
Use wire strippers to remove the insulation from the ends of the button leads. Now you'll be able to connect the button two opposite holes on the Flora.
Insert one button wire into the hole D9 on the Flora, and the other button wire into the hole marked GND. There are multiple grounds on Flora, so pick the one that is most opposite D9, so that the two wires can better hold the pushbutton in place.
You can solder these wires from either side of the board.
Congrats, you're done with the wiring! Next we'll program and power it up!

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