Connect your Flora to your computer with a mini USB cable. Be sure your battery is either unplugged or that the Flora's onboard power switch is set to off.

To download the Flora TV-B-Gone software from Github, click the blue button above.

Extract the zip file and rename the resulting folder "Flora_TV_B_Gone"

Move the folder into your Arduino sketches folder, which is located in your Documents folder by default on OS X. This is where your Arduino software looks for programs to edit and upload.

Open the Arduino IDE (don't have it? check out our Getting Started with Flora guide), and navigate to File-->Sketchbook-->FloraTVB. This will open the program so you can load it onto your Flora.

In Tools-->Board, you should have "Adafruit Flora" selected.
Also under Tools, be sure you have selected the correct serial port. Flora appears similar to the image above.
Click the Upload button (shown in yellow above) to program your Flora to execute the TV-B-Gone code.
The yellow lights on the Flora board should flash as the program uploads.
After the program is done uploading, you can press the pushbutton to test the circuit. The red LED connected to D7 should flash, and so should your IR LEDs. Since the human eye can't see infrared light unaided, you can use a digital camera to see if the LEDs are lighting up. The sensors in digital cameras are sensitive to IR and display it as a sort of purple. If everything's working properly, you can now disconnect your USB cable.

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