LEDs have polarity, so it's important to install them the correct way. The positive leg is longer and is on the right in this photo (top LED). Splay the leads of the IR LEDs out like the bottom LED in this photo, taking care to keep the positive (+) legs facing to the right, so you remember which is which.
Insert the positive leg of one IR LED into the heatshrink tubing covering one of the resistor legs. When you're wearing the Flora TV-B-Gone, the LEDs should point outward toward any TVs, so make sure it's pointing that way first, then solder the leg of the LED to the leg of the resistor.
Repeat with the other LED. Now each LED's positive leg is connected to a resistor. Shrink the heat shrink tubing with a lighter or heat gun.
Slide a piece of heat shrink tubing over each LED's negative (-) leg.
Connect each negative (-) LED leg to a transistor leg in the same manner as in the last step.
Solder one of the LED-transistor connections.
Cut the other LED leg just a tiny bit shorter so the two LEDs are slightly offset. Solder this LED leg to the remaining transistor leg.
Now this part of the circuit is complete! Each transistor drives one LED/resistor set. Heat the remaining heat shrink tubing.

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