Run pixel test code

Author Gravatar Image BECKY STERN
Connect your FLORA and computer with a USB cable.

For version 1 pixels:

In the Adafruit IDE, open up the Smart Pixels sample code-- go to File-->Examples-->Adafruit_FloraPixel-->floratest. Check out our "Getting Started with Flora" tutorial for more info on the software.

For version 2 pixels:

Install the NeoPixel library and go to File-->Examples-->Adafruit_NeoPixel-->strandtest.
This will launch a window containing the sample sketch. Upload it to your FLORA with the Upload button.
Once successfully uploaded to your FLORA, the pixel will flash and fade different colors. Congrats, you've tested your pixel!

We do test each pixel in the factory, but you should use this method to test that all three colors (red, green, blue) work on each of your pixels before sewing them into your project!
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