Cut a longer piece of wire-- about 6 inches. Remember: you can always make it shorter, but you can't make it longer!
Strip the end of the wire.
Attach this long wire to the FLORA pad marked VBATT in the same wrap-and-twist manner you used earlier.
See where your power wire will meet up with the pixel pad marked +, and strip the casing off of the wire past this point.
Thread the bare power wire through the pad marked +. Wrap it around the pad and crimp it to make a secure connection but DO NOT CUT the excess wire! You'll use it to chain to the next pixel's power pad.
Repeat the above steps for the ground wire, connected to the FLORA pad marked GND. Remember to keep the excess wire to use for the next pixels! With three points of contact, the angle and direction of your pixel design will start to take shape. I chose to arrange my three pixels in a curve following the contour of the edge of the FLORA board, and so made the first power connection longer than ground. You can arrange your pixels in a straight line or however you like.

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