Cut a small piece of hookup wire and use wire strippers to remove about 1/2 inch of the plastic coating at one end.
feed the bare wire end through the hole marked D6 on your FLORA.
Wrap the wire around the edge of the board and around itself to secure the wire. Pinch the D6 pad with your pliers to be sure the wire is making good contact to the metal.
Now it's time to decide where you'd like your first pixel. Hold it up to your FLORA to get an idea of how long the wire should be. This wire will connect to the pad on the pixel next to the inward-pointing arrow. If you're using the newer v2 pixels, they will look slightly different, but the arrow notation is the same!
Strip off the shielding off the wire at the desired length.
Slide the pixel onto this wire, using the hold next to the inward-pointing arrow.
Fold the bare wire around the pixel board.
Like you did earlier, twist the wire around itself and crimp with your pliers to ensure a strong connection. The pixel should not wiggle.
Done! Time to move on to the rest of the wiring...

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