Add Magnets!

Our enclosure design uses neodymium magnets to snap on the covers. The case and cover piece requires 3mm neodymium magnets to easily remove the cover. You can grab a batch of 30 of them on amazon for under $10. You will need to fit them into the pillars and super glue them on. Make sure you test the polarities so the covers are magnetically attracted to the frames.

Mount NeoPixel Strips

You can evenly cut the 32 LED strip into two pieces. Position the each NeoPixel strip on the edge of the deck. You can use hot glue or your favorite adhesive to mount the ends of the strips, this should keep the open connections from getting wet or dirty. Route a wire that will connect both of the strips together behind your trucks. The connection wire should be positioned to the end of the skate board. Place the 3d printed clips in position so they hold the neopixel strips.

Mount Clips

You can print these small clips that will allow you to slide the strip of neopixels to the bottom of your deck. You will need to use hot glue or your favorite adhesive to attached each clip.

Mount Enclosure

You can use a piece of double-sided foam tape to mount the Flora into the enclosure box. Use another piece of foam tape to secure the enclosure to the bottom of your deck. Make sure to position the enclosure so that the NeoPixel wiring isn't being pulled or tugged.

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