The Flora GPS Starter Pack is perfect for this project. It contains all of the supplies you need, just grab a few tools and get to work!
If you don't have the starter pack, you'll need a Flora main board, Flora GPS and eight Flora pixels.

Other parts:
Conductive thread

3 ply conductive thread is best for thick fabrics like that of our jacket. Don't forget sewing needles and scissors!

Check out our guide to working with conductive thread!
Alligator Clips

Great for testing out your circuit or mocking up designs, alligator clips can connect different components or clip to conductive threads and your multimeter for measuring continuity and resistance.

Click here to buy a set of small alligator clip test leads.

Snaps (optional)

Snaps can be used for quick-connecting circuit boards. You can sew them with conductive thread and/or solder them to circuit boards.

Click here to buy 5mm tin-plated brass snaps.

Check out our guide to using snaps with Flora!

This guide was first published on Jan 09, 2013. It was last updated on Nov 15, 2023.

This page (Tools & supplies) was last updated on Jan 08, 2013.

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