Plug in a tiny lipoly battery and tuck it into the cuff! Although you can place it directly behind the circuit, we liked it better tucked into one of the "side pockets" where the cuff overlaps the strap. A piece of gaffer tape holds the battery nicely to the strap, where it can be protected by the cuff.
FLORA's onboard power switch should still be accessible, hidden under the part of the watch closest to you. If you don't have nails, use a toothpick or other pointy nonconductive object to flip the switch!
The watch fetches the time of day from GPS satellites, so when it first powers on it needs to get a GPS fix by directly seeing the sky. Set it on your windowsill or go for a walk in the sunshine so your watch knows what time it is! It can take several minutes to first acquire a GPS fix, but only needs to do this once on power up. You can attach an optional backup battery to the GPS to keep its fix between battery charges, and tuck it in the opposite "side pocket" of the cuff or right behind the face.
Once the GPS gets a fix, the watch will display the current time, with one pixel color for the hours "hand" and another for minutes.
Press and hold near the top of the watch face to engage the tactile switch for a few seconds to change modes. Compass mode lights up blue in the direction of north.
GPS navigation mode points towards the coordinates you configure in the Arduino sketch, and grows redder the closer you get to your destination.
This watch is not waterproof! Take it off and power it down if you get stuck in the rain. Don't wear it while doing the dishes, etc.

Enjoy your new geo watch!

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