The watch circuit will be held in place by the small strap on a leather watch cuff. The USB port and JST port line up perpendicularly to the band for easy access, and the tactile switch is on the "top" side of the watch. This will point FLORA's onboard power switch towards you while wearing the watch.
Unthread the small strap from one half the cuff and lay it over the busy side of the FLORA board, between the USB port and JST battery connector. The tactile switch intersects with this strap for easy mode selection when you're wearing it.
Use two small strips of fabric to make "belt loops" for the circuit. Apply a small dollop of E6000 adhesive to either side of the USB connector and clip a fabric strips to FLORA with a binder clip. Wipe away and overflow adhesive.
Repeat with another belt loop to the other side of the USB port.
Line up the circuit with the band again, this time placing it between the circuit and the fabric strips.

Apply two more small dollops of adhesive, this time on either side of the JST battery connector, and stick the fabric down taught across the leather band.

Clamp with more binder clips and allow to dry for 24 hours.

Less glue is more! Check to make sure there's no adhesive touching the leather band. Your circuit should slide along the band freely so you can adjust it, so here's a place where being tidy really yields the best result!
After drying, you can remove the clips and trim the fabric close to the board. It should slide along the band but not be too loose or your watch will be floppy! If your fabric strips aren't tight enough, you can use a needle and thread to cinch them up now.
Glide your watch face toward the buckle side and thread the free end back through the cuff.

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