An on/off switch with long leads connects the battery holder to a 2-pin JST connector, allowing the rider to turn the bag on and off while wearing the bag.

The Flora accelerometer connects to Flora's 3.3v, SDA, SCL, and GND pins, all in a row, and will detect when the rider is braking.

The pixel strand connects to VBATT (red wire), GND (blue wire), D9 (green) and D10 (yellow).

VBATT also connects to +5V on the RF module. GND -> GND and each signal pin is connected to a Flora digital input via a voltage divider comprised of two 4.7K ohm resistors to reduce the signal voltage to ~3V.

The remote buttons trigger the RF modules signal pins to go HIGH. Two buttons are shown for use as turn signals, but you can connect up the remaining buttons in the same way.

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