Replacement bezel with opening for slide switch

This modification is super tidy when you print your own bezel with a spot for the slide switch. Print one 525cut.stl, from the file below, in the color of your choice, face up, with supports touching build plate.

525cut.stl is based on 5.25 TEAC drive face plate by jerryt74332 but with an added opening for Adafruit's Breadboard-friendly SPDT Slide Switch. The extra opening was added to the original STL file using the Free & Open Source "OpenSCAD" program, available for Linux, Windows, and Mac. The OpenSCAD file is included with the models for printing, which may be useful if you want to reposition or resize the opening for the slide switch.

Optionally, also print:

  • led.stl from 5.25 TEAC drive face plate by jerryt74332, in "clear" or "natural" filament
  • drive-lever-Body.stl in the color of your choice. The drive lever is modeled after the original lever using the Free & Open Source "FreeCAD" program, available for Linux, Windows and Mac. The design file "drive-lever.FCstd" is included with the models for printing. If the knob doesn't go on properly or is too loose, change your slicer's "horizontal expansion" in small steps to get a good friction fit.
  • floppycase-Body.stl and floppycase-Body1.stl, a two-part 5.25" drive enclosure

Gently press the LED diffuser and slide switch into their openings, enlarging the openings slightly with a file if needed. If desired, or if the parts feel loose, add a dab of hot glue on the back to secure them. Note which side the un-soldered contact on the switch is; this will be the NORMAL position. In the photo here, the position towards the middle of the bezel is NORMAL.

Pull the lever gently but firmly out to remove it. Then remove two screws on the bottom of the face plate. Slide the original face plate off. Reverse these steps to mount your new face plate and install the new lever, noting the orientation of the "D"-shaft.

Make sure you haven't disturbed the wiring during this process, then continue on to use your modified drive.

If the plain jane floppy enclosure isn't for you, you can also check out Adafruit's own case for 5.25 inch floppy disk drives.

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