Source Your Samples

I suggest searching the internet for sounds. Depending on your project, you'll have to figure out where to find them, or make them yourself.

Sorry, I can't offer the samples I used for my golden hammer here due to copyright issues. Don't want to get ourselves in trouble now do we!

File Formats 

The Adafruit Audio FX mini sound board will support audio files in WAV or OGG format. I highly suggest using the OGG format because it will make the file size of your samples very small – This is especially necessary if you're using the Audio FX board with 2MB of flash.

Copy Audio Files to Audio FX Board

Easiest part of this project! Connect a microUSB cable from the Audio FX board to a USB port on your computer. The Audio FX board shows up exactly like a USB flash drive. Before you drag and drop your audio samples to the drive, you'll have to name them with a special title. The Audio FX board reads the file name and figures out what type of trigger method to use. For this project, since I'm using just one button to trigger several samples. I named them the following:

  • T00NEXT0.ogg
  • T00NEXT1.ogg
  • T00NEXT3.ogg
  • T00NEXT4.ogg

Full Details on Copying Audio 

Please walk through and read the guide on copying audio to the Adafruit Audio FX board. If your project uses several buttons or special trigger methods, you can find out all the details and capabilities of the Adafruit Audio FX board there. Just click on the button below to pull it up!

This guide was first published on Oct 17, 2016. It was last updated on May 14, 2024.

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