3D Printed Cosplay Props With Audio FX

In this tutorial, we'll use an Adafruit Audio FX Mini sound board, ampilifer and speaker to add sound effects to a prop for cosplay! The lessons and steps used in this guide can be used appiled to any prop. In this project, we designed and 3D printed Fix-It-Felix' Golden Hammer from the Disney movie, Wreck-It-Ralph

The Adafruit Audio FX sound board is very easy to use – There's no programmer required! Simply plug in microUSB from the board to your computer and it shows up like a USB flash drive. Drag & Drop WAV or OGG sound files!

The Golden Hammer

We designed the hammer optimized for 3D printing and electronics. A pushbutton is mounted to the handle and triggers an array of sound effects, each time it's pressed. The speaker is mounted to the head of the hammer, while the battery and breakout boards are fitted inside the handle. There's six total pieces that snap together. Each part is hollow and requires no support material. 3D print the parts yourself or send the files to a service like 3DHubs to have them 3D printed and shipped to you.

Prerequisite Guides

We suggest walking through the following guides in order to get a better understanding of the components. If you're new to soldering and electronics, be sure to check out the soldering tutorial.


You'll need the following parts in order to build this project.


The following tools and supplies will be needed to complete the build.

Fix-It Felix Jr. Costume

I actually got this idea from Kirby G. He put together an instructables tutorial with a list of things he got off amazon, such as the hat, t-shirt, gloves and tool belt. The gloves and tool belt are different but there's so many to choose from that the variety is fine. The patches for the hat and t-shirt are 3D printed in ninjaflex filament. Here's a list of the things I got from amazon:

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