Sand the surface of the smooth shoe rubber for better adhesion.

Wipe the entire rubber surface with alcohol to make sure it's super clean, and do the same for the back of the LED strip.
Put the shoes on and bend the toes as much as you can. Use a marking pencil to mark off the section that bends the most-- you'll skip this section when applying glue.

Do this on both the “outer” and “inner” faces of each shoe.
Set up for a messy work surface by laying down scrap paper and donning rubber gloves. Keep paper towels nearby in case of an unexpected spill.

You'll need rubber bands and toothpicks to aid in glueing.

Apply a bead of adhesive to the shoe sole, starting at the inside of the heel, and stick the start of your NeoPixel strand to it.
Continue applying adhesive around the back of the heel, smudging it out with a toothpick if necessary.

Wrap the strip around the heel and secure with rubber bands as you go.
Remember to skip the rubber between your markings. This will allow the LED strip to float away from the shoe when it bends. Otherwise the sharp bending could crack the flexible circuit board inside the strip, since it's not meant to bend laterally.
Continue glueing all the way around, remembering to skip the second bendy sections after you come around the toe.

When you get back to where you started, use diagonal flush snips to trim the LED strip to length.

Squish a little bit of glue into the cut ends of the LED casing to create a water resistant seal, and use rubber bands to "clamp" the strip to the shoes while the glue dries, ~24 hours.
Route the NeoPixel strip's ribbon cable to the FLORA main board, and strip and solder the three wires according to the circuit diagram.
Use clear thread or a thread that matches your shoes, and whip-stitch the ribbon cable to the shoes, securing it in place.
Plug in the 3xAAA battery pack and tuck it in the laces of the shoe, or wherever is comfortable!

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