Measure Cut

The material will need to be cut down to size using a hobby knife or scissors.

It doesn’t fray when you cut it with scissors so it will have nice, clean edges.

This makes it great for making custom shapes like for respirators that use filter inserts.

Fold so the fuzzy side faces outward, away from your face

You can print out a template to help you fold the material into shape.

Use the guidelines to create the folds with creases so they can better form around your face.

When worn, the material unfolds to cover the bridge of your nose and chin.

The ends are placed over the holders and secured in place with the press fit inserts.

This provides a strong grip that holds up and won’t easily come apart so it’s durable and reliable.

The eyelets are designed to hold rubber bands or other types of elastic so you can get a perfect fit around your face.

We used Neodymium magnets because they’re really strong but need to be handled carefully to prevent pinching your fingers.

Make sure to check the polarity before press fitting them into the ear savers.

You can switch between different hooks to adjust the tension of your mask.

We think using magnets are a novel way to secure face covers and makes them easier to remove.

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