In this project we’re making 3d printed parts for building DIY face covers.

We designed these holders to secure just about any type of fabric which makes them more sustainable.

We also made magnetic ear savers which makes them more comfortable and much easier to take them off.

They’re easy to put together and can be 3D printed fairly quickly without any support material.

This fabric, from Filti, is engineered with nano fibers making them great for face masks. 

Be sure to check their datasheet for specs and usage.

This is a good alternative to surgical masks and you can get rolls of this material so you can make a lot of them.

Filti material is highly-efficient, up to 95 percent on sub-micron particles including bacteria and viruses. 

We really like how well the material forums around your face and directs airflow away from your eyes.

Angled shot of a High-strength 'rare earth' magnet.
Yow! These things are super powerful. 1/2" diameter, 3/16" thick discs, south side is marked with a red line. Great for use with your SpokePOV Kit. If you have an aluminium...

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