The LiPoly backpack sits neatly on top of the Pro Trinket with the three pins (BAT, G, 5v/BUS) aligning.  

To enable the on/off switch capability, cut the trace between the two switch pads with a utility knife.

Power the Neopixel Jewel by soldering to the two power pads on the back of the Pro Trinket.

Pro Trinket BAT

Charger BAT

Pro Trinket G

Charger G

Pro Trinket BUS

Charger 5V

Pro Trinket 5

Neopixel Jewel IN

Pro Trinket + (on back)

Neopixel Jewel +

Pro Trinket - (on back)

Neopixel Jewel G

Pro Trinket GND

Momentary Switch

Pro Trinket 3

Momentary Switch

On/Off Switch

Charger Switch Pads

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